What is the most interesting combination of music genres you can think of?? I know! Classical and electronic. Which is exactly what South Korean cellist and improviser, Okkayung Lee, will be combining with the Vancouver Electronic Ensemble. 

According to the Georgia Straight, Lee has been inspired by quite the musical variety including “noise, improvisation, jazz, western classical, and the traditional popular music of her homeland.” These genres help shape Lee’s original style of music. 

After reading about the style of music that Lee and her co-creators will be producing, I couldn’t help but look some of her pieces up. Some are almost haunting and painted with a contemporary, off-tempo flare. Her creativity is contagious and certainly breaks the mould. When I think of the cello, I think of the Bach Suites or Franz Schubert’s Sonata. Lee’s music certainly contains classical elements; however, much of it is not your average classical selection. Instead Lee creates a magical harmony of musical genres you would never imagine together but align so beautifully, surprising you at every turn.

The production process will take place at the Roundhouse Arts and Recreation Centre with local musicians Marina Hassleberg, Alanna Ho, Constantine Katsiris, Stefan Maier, prOphecy sun and Tegan Dahlgren. This process will end with a premiere featuring their creation on Saturday, November 16 at 8 PM. Better yet, you can even see the pros at work at the Roundhouse a day before, on Friday, November 15 from 5 PM to 9 PM. 

I was curious about this interesting musical combination so decided to check on the style. I stumbled upon a classical, electro, dubstep compilation with Western roots and found it very interesting. Three or four genres of music you would never imagine go together, but somehow they compliment each other and bring forth a catchy, electrifying sound you so seldom hear.

Hopefully this music becomes more mainstream, because it is something I believe people could truly catch on to. 

Check out to learn more about the events!

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