Heart of the City Festival

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is lined up for its 16th annual Heart of the City Festival. It will begin on October 30th and go on through November 11th. Heart of the City Festival that will be host to many cultural events, art expression, story telling, and performances. There is over 100 events spread across over 40 venues. There will be viewings of documentaries and plenty of places to get comfortable and experience the Downtown Eastside like no other. There is a long history in the neighborhood, and they want to share that with the rest of the lower mainland. There has been a struggle with homelessness and drug addiction very prevalent in the area, and with the background and stigma also comes a series of presentations and art of breaking the cycle. Raw emotions and true stories will be presented for all going to the festival. The festival is in its 16th year and has grown significantly, involving many of its locals, students, and cultural backgrounds. It is truly an experience not to be missed.
For more information and a schedule of the events go to http://www.heartofthecityfestival.com/

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