8 Brilliant Ways to Get to Your Destination during a Transit Workers Strike.

Transit worker strikes happen, but who can blame them? They work really hard to get you to where you (or everyone else in the bus with you) safely and on time. 

As a result, their working conditions can be really demanding. Long hours, rude riders, time crunches, what more? Therefore, the need to go on strike to demand better pay and working conditions is totally understandable. You go, bus drivers!

For the rest of us mere peasants, we depend on public transportation a lot to get to places, but what happens when there are delays in bus service? We gotta work things out, and plan our trips ahead to prevent being late or facing unforeseen circumstances. Oh whatever can you do??


Here are VERY SIMPLE alternative ways to get to work or school in the event of a transit workers strike:

  1. Carpooling

This is the most thought of and logical thing to do. Organize rides with your friends and share a ride. Drive a bunch of your colleagues with you. Hop on into a random person’s car during a red light. Go on top of a random person’s car during a red light. Wait, what?

  1. Biking

Environmental friendly, quick, convenient, and a good workout. Biking can get you to places as quickly as you need to, at the expense of other drivers around you trying to avoid running you over on a bike lane.

  1. Skateboarding, longboarding, or a scooter

Tony Hawk your way to work or school, and along the way don’t forget to hit anyone walking by with a running clothesline. It’s self-defence.

  1. Piggybacking on your friend

Friends will be there for you no matter what. They love you, they’ve got your back and will help you through hard times. Transit delays are an example of hard times. Your friend is your slave. Hop on their back and let them do all the work. OLÉ.

  1. Walk. all the way.

It doesn’t hurt to get some fresh air and go for a nice walk. Ponder about the best things in life, enjoy the sounds of nature around you, and just be one with yourself. All while taking 3 hours to get somewhere that’s a 15-minute drive away.

  1. Run. Really fast.

Perfect when you suddenly realize you still have 2 hours and 50 minutes to get to the place mentioned in the previous step. 

Or, if you wanna kill your calves from home to where you need to be. Unless you’re Sonic The Hedgehog, Barry Allen, or Usain Bolt. 

Which, you are not. Unless you really are Usain Bolt and are reading this article. HI USAIN!

  1. Launch yourself with an Insanely Large Cannon.

The following individuals have made this possible and done it before:

-Stunt workers

-Circus performers

-Bugs Bunny

-Mario and Friends

If they can do it, why can’t you?

  1. Jump as high as you can, in hopes that you’ll get to your destination in one leap. 

Your imagination can take you as far as you want to go. Make that imagination a reality. If you can. But you might hurt yourself. Oh well.

  1. Just don’t go. 

…F*** it.

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