The Fear of Posting

Recently on r/AskReddit someone asked why some users don’t comment on posts. Going through the comments was pretty interesting. Ironically, many people who lurk but never interact started up a thought-provoking conversation.

One said that they felt it was redundant, that what they were thinking had already been said. Another said that they often would type out responses but then overthink them and not post. But the main thing that was brought up multiple times was the idea of attention. Either users felt that they would just be ignored so there was no point, or on the contrary that they would be on the “wrong” side of whatever was being said and that they would face criticism.

I think that could also branch into the real world. How often do we stay quiet when we feel that our opinion is in the majority? When it comes to controversy, do we avoid sharing what we think?
When it comes to sharing opinions online, I’m a bit less apprehensive. Maybe it’s the fact that I can’t see the faces of who I’m speaking with or maybe it’s the fact that once I post it, I can walk away from it, but I don’t think I’m the only one who is more confident behind a keyboard. It makes sense that cyber bullying is a thing.
I don’t post much because I’m one of those people who needs it to be perfect before I post. I delete a post if someone points out a grammar or spelling error. I rarely comment on anything. Even liking posts is a bit much for me sometimes. It’s interesting how comfortable with lurking through comment sections and watching discussions go down I’ve become. The internet almost facilitates being a bystander.
Writing posts is nerve racking! Yet here I am. Now I’m asking you, step out of your comfort zone, comment something! Put yourself out there!

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