Shane Dawson Takes on the Beauty Industry

Shane Dawson went from YouTube comedy to documentarian and is now branching into the makeup industry. While men in the cosmetics business are becoming more and more common, Dawson is not your typical beauty guru.

Shane Dawson has been a staple of the YouTube community for over 10 years. His videos have changed to fit the ever-changing atmosphere of the platform, whether it be reviews, collaborations, challenges, and comedic skits. The latter has brought him some trouble. His edgy comments and questionable costume choices have put him through many controversies. After taking some time to rebrand, he began to produce documentaries showing how his content had matured. Once he had done damage control for himself, he started doing it for other. He tackled the TanaCon scandal, Jake Paul’s questionable lifestyle, but the one that really turned the tables was when he collaborated with Jeffree Star.

Jeffree Star is a big name in makeup, known for his high-quality product, but also his high standards and strong opinions. He received a lot of hate during the mid 2010s, finding himself in countless public feuds with other celebrities. He was basically painted as a villain. Shane Dawson’s five-part series got over 45 million views, introducing and humanizing him to a wider audience.

Long story shorter, Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star went from strangers to friends, and now to business partners. Together they are releasing an eyeshadow palette as well as a few lipsticks.

The excitement around the ShanexJeffree makeup collaboration has been showcase in Shane’s most recent series “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” (the next episode scheduled to drop this Friday). The hype stretched over to Shane’s new merchandise line that he released through Killer Merch, which is owned by Jeffree. On October 15th, within one hour of the launch of his branded clothing, all of it was sold out.  The rush for their palette is expected to be the same, if not crazier. The release date has yet to be confirmed.

So, soon you will be able to go to an actual store and buy a lipstick designed by a documentarian who at one point was making skits about Degrassi. This is the world we live in. It’s a different place than it was a couple years ago, but I’d argue that it’s for the better.

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