Vancouver’s own Schwey pleasures Music Tastes with self-titled Debut Album

Upon the writing of this article, I have accidentally aroused myself with my own dance moves, thanks to the soul-filled jams of 604 Records’ very own modern funk group, Schwey.

Their self-titled debut album, Schwey, debuted on October 2019, and has become a new favourite for early morning showers and late night post-dinner cardio. Their funk-soul inspired sound is perfect for any occasion, whether you need foot-tapping jams while tightly compressed by lovely-smelling individuals in public transit, or in the mood for testing our your dance moves in your room while shaving your nether-regions. 

Cover album for Schwey, from 604 Records

In a music scene dominated by rap groups and punk bands, Schwey gives a new soul-filled flavour to enjoy. Schwey was formed by Isaiah Dobbs and Jacob Schwinghammer in 2013, looking to put themselves on the map in Vancouver’s diverse music community. Their soulful sound mixed with influences from R&B and jazz make them stand out, bringing about a retro sound that gives a sweet smooth vibe.

“We definitely felt like we were swimming against the tide, booking shows playing with mostly punk bands or rap groups when we were doing our own separate thing. But the very thing that made us different made us stick out because nobody could really reference another local act that sounded like us,” Isaiah Dobbs mentioned in an interview with the Vancouver Sun late last year.

Schwey’s sound is akin to classic hits like the Commodores’ Brick House, and You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate. This funky flavour is perfect for any of your needs, especially for a date night in which you’ll be attempting to sway a potential significant other.

If you’re a fan of old school funk, mixed with a bit of a modern sound a la Uptown Funk, Schwey is just for you. But be warned, listening to Schwey’s music will cause your hips to thrust uncontrollably against your will, to the point where they could (possibly literally) fall off your torso, in which you’d obviously have to call your local emergency services.  

Click HERE to listen to Schwey in your music platform of choice.

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