Arts Umbrella Exhibition

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Arts Umbrella is a non-profit arts education centre that has various arts-related education programs for preschoolers to teenagers. The exhibition is being held from October 7th to October 18th in Pendulum Gallery at HSBC Building. No entrance fee is required.

This is also a preview of the original works for the upcoming auction on October 26th at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

“I think it’s great. Because it’s offering young people a chance to show their talents. I think events like this should be held more.” Pei-Lin Li, a BCIT student tells us that she hopes there should be more similar fund-raising events being held after she knows that all the proceeds of the auctions will go toward young people in Vancouver for arts activities.

It’s the 16th exhibition of Arts Umbrella. A collection of paintings, photography, furniture design, and many other art pieces are on display.

Pei-Lin Li also said that she didn’t know about this exhibition before, she just passed by the building after she visited her friend at BCIT downtown campus, which is just a few minutes away from the exhibition. Even though she didn’t know about the exhibition, she still thinks that it is worth to take a look.


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