The not so Tipping Point

If the American political system was a nuclear reactor, it would be the brink of going Fukushima on us. Donald Trump is the burning hot nuclear core, people have worked to keep him contained, but now the bad stuff is starting to leak. The only thing stopping a rallying cry of warning to the surrounding villages, is 53 plant workers who insist that there is nothing to worry about… that’s just how nuclear reactors work now. They get so hot that the containment chamber starts to melt from the inside, then the poisonous contents leak out, and you win a prize.

If you’re unaware of what is happening in Trumpland right now, please allow me to summarize:

There was a whistleblower complaint that alleged a couple of things.

-That Donald Trump was pressuring the Ukraine to investigate the Biden’s


-That there was something wrong with the way to the records of the phone call were being stored.

What we’ve learned since then. Trump has been pressuring the Ukraine to investigate the Bidens in private, and now he’s openly calling for them to do it in public. As of yesterday we also know that he’s pressuring China to do the same thing. He’s leveraging two foreign governments to investigate someone he views as a political opponent. That’s what the whole Mueller-report fiasco was about, did he ask Russia for help against his political opponent? Now there’s no question of whether or not he’s asking foreign governments for help. It’s all out in the open and there are 53 Republican senators who are purposefully looking the other way right now.

They few Republicans who have let Trump publicly wipe his butt with their dignity, (looking at you Lindsey Graham) will go on TV to push whatever the official Whitehouse talking point is.

Because everyone gets the news they want from the people they want. If Fox News isn’t extreme enough, you can go to dive into Breitbart, or any of online rightwing dork money news outlets. A “dork money” news outlet is when you give a bunch of dorks like Ben Shapiro a couple million dollars to start a professional looking propaganda network.

Here’s my theory, my final thought: I think Trump is blatantly acknowledging that he asks foreign governments for help, because that’s what he wants to make this fight about. He wants to move the fight away from the second part of the whistleblower complaint, which says that his presidential records are being mishandled. A phone transcript between two heads of state should be filed away in presidential records, but when Trump says something improper. When he holds up aid to pressure an investigation into an opponent. When he talks with a foreign leader who, say maybe just got accused of having a journalist murdered and dismembered… those records shouldn’t be hidden away. Trump works for the American people and he doesn’t have the right to hide his shady backroom dealings. If he’s coddling authoritarians, and mistreating his allies, people need to know.

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