The Last Quarter of 2019!

It’s October 4th, and that means we’re officially in the last quarter of 2019. As always, it feels like April was 2 weeks ago, but here we are. Where did the time go? What should we do with the remaining 11 and a half weeks? Sure it’s rainy and getting darker by the day and midterm stress is piling up, but thankfully, this time of year still holds many important annual dates of the calendar to get excited for. Plus, there’s always something to do in Vancouver if you look hard enough!

First off, Canadian Thanksgiving is only 2 Mondays away, and with that comes a long weekend to spend with friends and family.  If you’re a university student or around the age of one, this is an especially exciting weekend because all of your friends that go to school away from home come back for the first time since leaving in September. It’s always nice to get the gang back together with a fresh crop of stories to tell and things to talk about, and that’s exactly what a month of university gives you. Even if your friends stayed local or you’re not in that part of your life, who doesn’t love the food that comes with Thanksgiving dinner? Arguably the best meal of the year, its also one of the few times that most extended families get together.

A couple of weeks after Thanksgiving, Halloween hits. Unless you hate dressing up and having fun with friends either downtown or together at someone’s house, Halloween night and “Halloweekend” is a top notch time for college students. Haunted houses and halloween parties are a great way to forget about that midterm the you have during the next week, if only for a few hours. Although Halloween is a great time, it’s very important to make the most of it now before the night consists of handing out candy to 6 years olds, and then not being able to sleep because the older kids are making too much noise outside your house. So go celebrate another year of not having adult responsibilities, grab the gang, and get spooky this year!

Now, I won’t lie, usually November is pretty bleak. However, during most of the month, the anticipation of being done with another semester of tests, quizzes, and midterms is also rising. In November, the light at the end of the tunnel starts getting a little brighter, day by day. Next thing you know, the Americans are finally catching up to Canada and celebrating Thanksgiving, lights are being put on houses, and December is upon us. The weather is bad but spirits are high, because now, there’s only one more round of exams before a glorious 3 week break that gives us Christmas and New Years. Just like that, 2019 is wrapped, and so is another decade. Lots of things have changed since 2010, so enjoy these last 3 months before we enter the 2020’s and never look back. 

If the annual lineup of late-year celebrations and holidays still doesn’t have you at least a little excited, its ok. Vancouver has many things to do at this time of year, like going to a Canucks game for example. Yea, they’re still not the best team in the league, but it’s a much more exciting squad on the ice this year compared to the product from the past few seasons. Plus, if you’re a student, there’s a good chance that you can get some student prices for certain games, which gives you yet another great reason to get out of the house and enjoy some hockey. The Canucks just started a new season, so fan excitement will be high in the first few home games as well. If hockey isn’t your thing, another option that is open until October 11th is the Vancouver Film Festival. It’s one of North America’s biggest film festivals every year, with over 140 000 movie fans coming to watch films over the 16 day festival. Going to a show is pretty convenient too – just show up to the box office and pay at the door and you’re in! 

Although it’s a Halloween themed attraction, Fright Nights at the PNE is another great adventure in October. The annual takeover of PlayLand runs from today until Halloween night, and is always a favourite for all types of people. Fright Nights gives a new atmosphere to the classic PNE rides that we’ve all been on, with haunted houses, volunteers dressed up in costumes, and other Halloween themed surprises. 

Fright Nights (photo via Family Fun Canada)

If you’re not ready to commit to anything in the near future, the month of December brings on a whole new list of fun things to do with friends and family, because you might need to get off the couch for at least a few hours per a day as you relax with no school. Events like the Festival of Lights at VanDusen Garden, Bright Nights at Stanley Park, and the indoor Christmas Glow in Abbotsford and downtown are just some of the great Christmas options that are opened in December. Enjoying the most magical time of year surrounded by lights and holiday celebration is easy in Vancouver, it’s just up to you to brave the weather and get out there. 

Festival of Lights at VanDusen Garden (photo via Daily Hive)

Overall, this time of year can be a tough one for students. It’s always important to look forward to the good times in life, and fortunately for us, there are plenty of opportunities for great times to be had in the last quarter of the year. Hopefully this helped you remember that, or inspired a trip into the City to enjoy one of the many great things that Vancouver has to offer! Remember, it’ll be April in no time, so try to enjoy every day, even when school gets hectic. 

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