Remakes and Reboots Galore

I have one question. Why is everything getting remade and rebooted? I’m not saying that all of the projects so far are bad. “IT” (2017) is better than the “IT” (1990) TV mini-series. Sorry Tim Curry but it is. “Beauty and the Beast” (2017) was pretty good too, but it definitely wasn’t better than the original.

I’m Reboots on the other hand never feel as watchable as the original series. Charmed was remade which was okay, but they want to reboot Zoey 101 and Lizzie Maguire and that’s fine. I too would love to see my childhood favourite characters, but there is only so many you can do until people start getting bored again.  I’m starting to sound like an old grump who doesn’t like change but it’s not for that reason that I’m not a fan of the reboot/remake madness.

The thing is, there are so many book concepts that can be turned into movies and t.v. shows. In fact I would 100% watch a T.V. series based on a book because you can add more details from the book. Look at how well movies like “The DUFF” and T.V. shows like “13 Reasons Why” did. Plus if they’re done correctly, they can divert away from the original story while keeping the main points intact like Netflix’s “The Haunting of Hill House.” I’ve read the book and watched the show and the similarities AND differences are what makes each one unique, but the remakes and reboots are just getting out of hand at this point.

There is only one project that I would love to have remade only because nothing could be worse than the first adaptation, and that would The Percy Jackson book series. No one can tell me otherwise. It could be a t.v. series and each chapter could be an episode. That’s all I ask.

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