No Need to Rush People

Do you want to know my biggest pet peeve? When people don’t wait their turn when exiting a plane. In fact when people are exiting anywhere. I was on a flight recently and it occurred to me just how annoyed I get by it.

so basically what I get frustrated about is that once the plane is parked and that seat belt light turns off people act like it’s every person for themselves. It’s almost anarchy. People have their hands hovering over that silver buckle and wait for that light to go off like a gun at a horse race. Ding, and their off. Karen leads by standing at lightning speed so she can get ahead of Jim in the row ahead of her. However the old man at the back of the plane is a close second as he starts to push as fast as he can to get in front of as many people as he can by cutting them off as they try to stand to stretch their legs. Then you’ve got cranky Carl in your ear mumbling about how he shouldn’t have to wait this long even though we’re in Row 14 of 28 and the door literally just opened. And then once you get off the plane, every.single.person takes their sweet time walking down the hallway after being so eager to get off in the first place.

I get it. It sticks being cramped up in a dry airplane for hours on end, but it isn’t going to help you any by pushing and shoving and getting cranky. So I’ve come up with a few simple steps to making your exiting a much easier experience.

Step 1: wait your turn.
Go row by row. Let row one go, and then row 2. Then 3, and 4, and so on. It gives an order and a system to the exiting process.

Step 2: Take a breath.
We get that you’re not loving being on this plane. But here’s the thing, most people don’t love it either. What gets us through is chilling in our seat until our awaited turn happens. Mumbling and getting annoyed isn’t helping anyone. In fact it’s making me want to hit something because you won’t stop.

Step 3: Exit

Look at that! You can now exit the plane, because in the time that it took you to read this, everyone ahead of you is almost out of your way so you can now get up and grab your bag from the overhead bin.

You did it. You now officially know one of the more organized ways to get off of a plane. Now if you could mainly focus on getting your hustle on in the hallway that would be great.

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