Who’s Cookin’ the Turkey!?

2019 marks 140 years since thanksgiving was declared a national holiday.

Although thanksgiving has been around for hundreds of years, it was officially declared a national holiday in 1879.

Last year, 2.2 million turkeys were purchased in Canada and 28 percent of Canadian households purchased turkeys or turkey products to celebrate the holiday.

Thanksgiving traditions are something Canadians look forward to each year, that and deliciously cooked turkeys.

Usually thanksgiving traditions consist of parents or grandparents cooking a feast and their children worrying about how they will work off the large meal.

So, what happens when millennials are stuck with cooking the traditional holiday meal for their family?

Matthew, a BCIT student, said he doesn’t necessarily have the skills to cook a turkey.

I’ve seen what it takes to actually cook a turkey properly and I don’t think I have the culinary skills to do that”

This is a common trend among millennials as parents and grandparents are usually in charge of providing traditional meals like turkey dinners.

Eventually the onus will fall on to the children to start preparing traditional meals and now seems like the perfect chance to learn.

So maybe it’s time for students to put down the instant noodles and pick up a turkey baster.


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