Nightlife Addition to Historic Davie Street

davie strThe ever-so popular Davie street is getting a new nightlife addition.

The heart of Vancouver’s gay community is welcoming the addition of Kiss and Tell nightclub operated by Safe and Sound Entertainment which will be located on the second floor of a heritage building on the corner of Davie and Thurlow.

Safe and Sound’s reputation is well-known as they operate some of the oldest running, original nightclubs in downtown such as Republic and Bar None.

The general manager for Bar None nightclub, Simeon Biggs, says they are excited to bring their hip-hop flavor to Davie Street.

“It’s kind of bringing our own safe and sound ideals to it. Davie street is pretty famous for its inclusivity and what not but there’s nothing really on that street right now that has the hip hop based vibe that we bring to the table.”

Kiss and Tell will attract a wide range of people and cater to all the communities in Vancouver with its modern interior design as well as outdoor patio.

This venue will emit intimate, house party vibes with a modern feel as their capacity is set at one hundred and thirty.

Davie street consists of numerous gay-friendly business’, bars and nightclubs and now will have one more to add its list.

So, if you’re looking for something new and exciting to do, get ready to Kiss & Tell.


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