25 Years of Word Festival

This summer I got really, really, really into reading; like to the point where I read 3 novels in the span of two weeks. I feel like for me reading is always somewhat of a hit or miss. Sometimes I’ll go on a crazy binge like a fiend and other times, the unopened books just lay on my bookshelf, collecting dust. I know a lot of us are like that:

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But if you’ve been wanting to get back into reading or maybe just spark a new interest for it, Word Canada will be coming back to the Vancouver Public Central Library for its 25th year. The event is free to the public and celebrates being Western Canada’s largest literary festival.

The main goal of Word Vancouver is to promote literacy as alluded in their purpose and mandate:

  • Foster an awareness and appreciation of the printed word in our culture

  • Involve the residents of Vancouver in a celebration of writing and reading

  • Promote the importance of literacy in the lives of all Canadians

  • Programming mandate includes attracting a line-up of internationally celebrated and recognized Canadian literary talents to the annual festival

Looking at the program lineup, this festival seems like a great way to expose people to diverse authors and subjects. Word also includes something really adorable: Adopt an Author! You’ll be able to choose an author, get a free signed copy of their book, and you’ll get an acknowledgement on the festival’s website. It’s Word’s way of making, “a meaningful connection to Vancouver’s writing community.”

The festival takes place for almost a full week, the 24th to the 29th, with the 29th being the main day. As I said, the festival is free to the general public so go enjoy and learn some things! As they say, “Knowledge is Power.”

If you wanna learn more, click here!


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