Vancouver, Yoga, Animals, Oh My!

Living in or around Vancouver, you’ve probably had a friend ask you to come do yoga with them; it’s like a Vancouverite’s rite of passage at this point. Of course, that would be if you aren’t already dedicated to the Zen lifestyle.

There are quite a few different types of yoga classes to be found around the city, ranging from strength or cardio to meditation, ones to increase your  flexibility, hot yoga…or sometimes you can just hang out with some animals and deep breath for a good cause.

Picture via Eventbrite and Maplewood Farm

Yep, you read that right. We aren’t just talking about the puppy pose here, oh no, we’re talking real life fur babies.

Animal yoga has sparked quite an interest in the Lower Mainland over the past couple years and has become an increasingly popular way to organize charity events or just get people excited about the art of yoga. You might have even caught Vancouver’s very own Sunberry Fitness on Buzzfeed and CBC News for their bunny yoga class. Many universities such as SFU and UBC also offer it as a way for students to unwind.

These classes are often partnered with charities, rescue foundations, or are offered at farms across the Lower Mainland, allowing you to go through a typical yoga class while animals such as bunnies, goats, puppies, and even cats hang out in the room. The classes are kept as natural as possible, letting the animals do their thing as you move through your yoga routine.

Some places like TAP Spirit in Langley are even offering opportunities for you to bring your own pup in with for a special bonding class on the 15th.

If you’d like to get in on the bunny action, you can hop over to Sunberry Fitness to check for monthly updates regarding the class. If the country is more your thing, Maplewood Farm is offering weekend morning classes in the paddock.


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