Ticked Off – Amazon Cancels ‘The Tick’ after Two Seasons

Today it was announced that after two seasons the live-action adaptation of “The Tick” was cancelled. The showed started Peter Serafinowicz in the titular role alongside Griffin Newman as Arthur Newman. This was the third series based on the character, the first, an animated series aired from 1994-1996, and a live action series staring Patrick Warburton as the title role aired for one season in 2001.

The news was confirmed by series creator Ben Edlund, who is also the creator of the comic of which all of the Tick shows are based on. Edlund tweeted out to fans this morning, writing “I’m sorry to say Amazon has chosen not to proceed with @TheTickTV I’m not sorry to say I love this show, its cast, its story, and its message. Destiny demands that my compatriots and I now seek a new home for this series.”

The series had been well-received by critics during it’s release. The first season averaged a 90% critical approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while the second season received 100%.

Edlund followed up his initial tweet implying that he and the producers would try and find another platform to continue the series tweeting “Meanwhile thank u from my heart’s bottom to all the fans who’ve shared their love with us and the show. Thank you sweet #LunaTicks and #LunaTickArmy for your militant affection 🙂 We want to find a place to make more. That is the mission now and we are on it.”

In addition to Serofinowicz, the series also starred Valorie Curry, Brendan Hines, and Alan Tudyk.

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