The Vancouver Comic Arts Festival

This weekend on May 18th and the 19th from 10 am to 5 pm, the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival is happening. It’s at the Roundhouse Community Center and VanCAF regularly brings in dozens of creators and publishers from near and far to talk comics and creativity. One of this year’s guests is Johnnie Christmas, a Miami-raised artist, and writer now based in Vancouver.

“Of all the comic conventions I’ve been to, I think it’s my favourite,” Christmas said. “It’s free, and very inviting to the public.”

Organized and managed by the non-profit Vancouver Comic Arts Association, VanCAF has grown from 3,200 attendees with 92 exhibitors in its first year, 2012, to 11,000 attendees and 300 exhibitors in 2018.

“At most comic cons you’ll have people who are big fans of Captain America say, whereas VanCAF you have people of all age groups who might not even know what they’re looking for,” said Christmas. “They might just be wandering around to see what’s cool. They don’t have a preconceived idea. They’re on this voyage of discovery. It’s a really inviting warm, open place. And the artists who are their year after year are incredible.”

When I was younger, I loved reading all the Archie comics, each comic had a unique style of storyline that made each story very compelling and interesting to read. I know some buddies, especially one who is highly into Marvel comics and who knew what was going to happen in Endgame before Endgame got released! But if you go on the weekend, you never know what to expect, probably people dressing up in crazy costumes of their favorite comic characters. You may also discover a new series of comics that you wouldn’t expect to like, but things can happen! SO go to it!

– Daniel Hoodikoff


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