The Meme-ing of Life

Some sad news in the world of memes today. Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, has died. The feline passed away on Tuesday from a urinary tract infection.

In honour of the dearly departed Tardar Sauce I have decided to compile a list of all of my top 10 favourite memes to date.

#10: Grumpy Cat

To start off the list I’m going to place good ole’ Grumpy Cat at number 10. The late great meme was the first ever meme I was ever associated with. The Cat’s look of utter disapproval in every photo ever taken is comedy gold. A true OG.

#9: The RickRoll

Now this has to go on my list because I actually like this song. You can roast me all you want, but it is actually a great song. If you are unfamiliar with the term RickRoll, it is when you get sent a link that is very random or something your friends know you’d open. In reality the link would send you to The music video to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” It is known as a chaotic good meme.

#8: Much Wow, Such Meme

Doge is one of the more wholesome memes. A Shiba Inu dog stares longingly into the camera. He looks, what people call “derpy” which coined him the name Doge. There is much debate over whether it’s pronounced dohj or in a way that rhymes with vogue

#7: Let Me In!!!!

Part of an Eric Andre Show skit from 2016, Andre Tries his best to get into the Democratic National Convention after his “press Pass” gets revoked. Andre Spends his time screaming “LET ME IN!!!!!”

#6: Kermit hugging phone

Another wholesome meme, A stuffed Kermit the frog is captured on camera twice. The first is of him looking at the phone screen and the second of him hugging the phone after. This meme can be sent to Any friends if they are in need of a cheesy pick me up, Just caption the photo “Me seeing a text from you” and boom, you are literally the cheesiest person ever.

#5: Dramatic Chipmunk

This Chipmunk was used by many middle schoolers while I was in school. The short 3 second video has a chipmunk turning very dramatically to look at the camera while a dramatic riff is played behind.

#4: It’s Time to stop

From a video by filthy frank, the actor comes from the right side of the screen carrying an obnoxiously large clock. Most people use it to tell their friends when they’re being obnoxious or they want to get a good laugh. I know I’ve used it once or twice when I’ve been told really bad jokes.

#3:Act My Age Vine

A vine brought back from the dead. This 2019 meme has a video of viner Aspect Za’Vier recruits his mother and brother to dance to the opening of One Direction’s hit song “Act My Age”. The vine has been used to explain many situations like “small animals after the dinosaurs went extinct”

#2: Road work ahead

My all time favourite vine. The passenger in a car has a camera facing the driver as they go through construction. As they pass a sign that says “Road Work Ahead”. The driver then looks to the camera and says “Yeah, I sure hope it does!”

#1: “But That’s None of My Business”

This Classic Kermit the frog meme has been my number one since it was created. The imagery of Kermit the Frog casually sipping his tea as someone casually “throws shade” at someone anonymous is the epitome of a great meme.

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