Our Best Friends – Our Pets

There are stories in Metrovancouver of people not being able to keep pets depending on their landlord. Despite these rules, some decide that they still want a pet and will go through extreme lengths to hide them, at the risk of eviction.

So, how far would you go for your furry or scaly friend? Would you try to find a new place just for you and them? Have you brought them into class to ensure they will not be lonely in the house? Do you bring them treats or new toys on their birthday or just any day you feel they need something new? Why do we go to extreme lengths for them? And why does over 50% of Canada own a pet?

While they might not understand every concept we throw at them and sometimes they can do things that we would not approve of, such as a dog deciding to sneak some warm samosas from the table when you’re not looking, they’re still some of the best friends we have. They comfort us, listen, and are generally happy to see us when we get home after a hard day of work. And depending on who you keep as a friend, they ensure we stay fit as they take us for a walk in their favorite places.


(Courtesy of Jeff Ro)

Having a pet is beneficial for us to the point where we have therapy pets are thing for those who need them. Our smaller friends ensure we are never alone and that someone still cares about us, even in our darkest times.

Pets, might be a major responsibility and they can sometimes restrict us in certain ways -the dog needs to go outside and the hamster cage does need cleaning- but they are always around when you need them.

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