From Vampire to Bat – Robert Pattinson Could Be the New Batman

The future of Batman’s role in the DCEU and in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film “The Batman” has been up in the air since Ben Affleck stepped down from the role. However, sources say that “Twilight” franchise star Robert Pattinson is in negotiations to star as the title character in the forthcoming superhero film set to hit theatres June 25th, 2021. Though it’s not confirmed yet and Warner Bros. has no comment as of now, Pattinson is the top choice and the deal is expected to close shortly.

Unfortunately for Warner Bros., fans aren’t happy with this possible casting at all, and petitions have already been launched for Pattinson to be replaced before he’s even been cast. “Don’t make the Batfleck mistake again” one petition appeals, referring to the controversy over Ben Affleck’s performance as the character in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “Suicide Squad” and “Justice League”.

Warner Bros., has given Writer/Director Matt Reeves plenty of time to develop the script in the hopes that this latest incarnation of the caped crusader is done correctly after the disappointment with the previous films. No start date for production has officially been set those insiders says that pre-production could star as early as late 2019 or early 2020.

At 33 the former “Twilight” heartthrob would become the second youngest actor to play Batman on the big screen after Christian Bale, who was 31 when he “Batman Begins” premiered in 2005.

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