Camp Cope In Town!

Camp Cope. Image taken from their Eventbrite page.

The Australian trio is set to rock the Biltmore Cabaret tonight. If you itching for a good time to close out your week and start the weekend off on the right foot than this is the show for you!

I’m only just getting familiar with their music now but I can already tell that this would be a fun band to see live. How To Socialise And Make Friends is the type of song I can see myself dancing along to with my friends and a beer in my hand (Drink responsibly!). It’s nice mix of angst, introspection, and catchy instrumentals that causes them to make such great music.

They’ve only been around since 2015 but they’ve already added a number of awards to their resumé; their self titled debut album charted in the top 40 on the ARIA Charts, they received a nomination for album of the year from Triple J, and they’ve also won Best Emerging Act at the 2016 Music Victoria awards, that’s just to name a few. This is definitely a great band to be on the watch for; because they’re only going to go up from here.

On top of this they’ve done great activism work. They lead a campaign in 2016 called It Takes One which was dedicated to stopping and reporting sexual assault at concerts. Their song The Opener brings awareness to the lack of female artists in the music industry.

Tickets are $19.99 but after concert fees it’s $29. A good deal for a band that’s on the rise and is run by pretty decent people. This is also their first North American tour, so you can say you say them before they got big. You can get those here.

Heading to the show tonight? Got other plans? Let me know!

-Nelson Ellis

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