Wine Tasting at The Gourmet Warehouse

Are you a red or white wine kind of person? The reason I’m asking is different wines have different flavors. Wine to me is like taking grape juice and putting in a whole bunch of random sourness that takes away from the flavor of the juice. Just kidding, I know its fermentation I don’t get to drink wine that much due to me being underage. But you can at The Gourmet Warehouse on June 13th! Don’t worry I’m not promoting The Gourmet Warehouse, I am just mentioning it because wine has to do with culture.

“The earliest evidence of a grape-based fermented drink was found in China (c. 7000 BC), Georgia from 6000 BC, Iran from 5000 BC, and Sicily from 4000 BC. The earliest evidence of a wine production facility is the Areni-1 winery in Armenia and is at least 6100 years old.” -Wikipedia

One thing that I have to ask women is why do you all love wine so much? We men will never know the truth. But if we want to know we can go to the Gourmet Warehouse and do some wine tasting with Ridel. The glass shape plays a very important role in your perception of balance and harmony of flavors and nobody knows it better than Riedel, the premier wine glass manufacturer in the world. You’ll get to try four different varietals: German Riesling, Californian Chardonnay, Okanagan Pinot Noir, and an Argentinian Malbec. I have no idea what any of those words mean except chardonnay. As well as you get to get your cheese on as they serve a plate of a mixture of cheeses. If I were of age, I would try doing this!

– Daniel Hoodikoff

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