‘Black Mirror’ Season 5 Trailer Debuts Miley Cyrus, Topher Grace, and Anthony Mackie

Are you ready to get spooked?

Yesterday Netflix premiered the trailer for the upcoming fifth season of “Black Mirror”. The dystopian anthology series will return on June 5th, 18 months after the previous season, though, we were all treated to the interactive one-off “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” which was released in December.

The trailer was revealed after a four-month silence on the “Black Mirror” twitter account was broken, tweeting “Is this a bad time? You seem distracted.” 10 minutes later the account posted the two minute long trailer along with “You should’ve seen it coming.”

The long-awaited fifth season will feature three new episodes, with performances by some big names, including Miley Cyrus, Topher Grace, Anthony Mackie and Pom Klementieff.

According to Variety, Cyrus will be portraying a character based on herself, a pop star with thousands of technologically-altered fans.

During the heart-pounding trailer, a series of words flash on the screen providing the vague themes that will be explored in the series that usually deals with the dangers of technology, artificial technology, and virtual reality.

“Technology. The future. The world. Each other. Love. Privacy. Connection. Sex. Family. Work. Afterlife.” Reads the screen as images flash by.

The trailer seems to primarily focus on on the recurring and realistic elements of not only the imperious power of technology and it’s ultimate distraction as it tempts us collectively as a society.

So are you ready to get spooked?

Watch the trailer for the upcoming episodes below

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