Bill Murray Says He’s Willing to Do Another “Ghostbusters”

Bill Murray has become somewhat of a mysterious legend in recent times. Though he’s moved far past the legacy of “Ghostbusters” the allusive actor says he’d be open to returning in the upcoming sequel. Though the actor had famously declined to participate in another “Ghostbusters” movie for years he now says he’d be happy to show up on the cinematic continuation that original director Ivan Reitman’s son, Jason is working on.

The “Ghostbusters 3” in question ignores Paul Feig’s 2015 all-female reboot, that Murray himself cameoed in, in favour of serving as a direct sequel to 1989’s “Ghostbusters II”. Murray speaks fondly of the original films, clarifying that his only real problem was with the studio. “This franchise paid for my son’s college,” he said. “We made this thing. We are the caretakers of it. It’s a great thing and it was a really fun movie to make. It’s a real movie with some really funny stuff in it.”

30 years after the previous entry of the series, it seems like the proper time for the long-awaited sequel. Initial reports have said that the film will shoot for about 15 weeks in Calgary, Alberta beginning on the 25th of June, though no timing has been confirmed yet. While it hasn’t been confirmed if or to what extent original stars Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Murray may have in the film we do know that the film is serving as a continuation of the original two movies. Carrie Coon, Mckenna Grace, and “Stranger Things” star Finn Wolfhard have been confirmed for the film which should arrive next year. 

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