Theatres & Performance Spaces in Vancouver

Have you ever seen a show in one of Vancouver’s various theatres and performance spaces? There are quite a few and they’re all different in appearance and layout.

First up this one was originally built as a submission to an international design competition, drum roll please…. may I present to you the Queen Elizabeth Theatre! It is currently in the midst of a long-range refresh that will enhance production capabilities, acoustic performance, and patron experience. Oooh…Aaah!

Picture of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

The dazzling venue is one of Canada’s largest proscenium theatres, featuring 2,765 seats with a central location in downtown Vancouver. It usually hosts opera and musical performances, as well as Broadway shows and other amusements. It also features a locally curated art gallery exhibiting works by emerging artists. If that isn’t culture for ya, I don’t know what is!

Next up we got the second biggest theatre in Vancouver, I wanna hear you scream! Oh ya, that’s pretty loud…We’re talking about the Orpheum baby! Grand, elegant and effortlessly dazzling, the Orpheum has entranced millions of people since opening in 1927.

Picture of the Orpheum

The domed auditorium is adorned with a sprawling ceiling mural, and crowned by a giant crystal chandelier. The Orpheum’s exquisite décor and sweeping staircases were designed in the rare Spanish Baroque Revival style and the magic and history of the space envelopes both audiences and performers.

Lastly, we are going to be talking about another performance space adjacent to the Orpheum, it is named Annex which is a spunky, cabaret-style venue suited for dance and musical performances as receptions and rehearsals. Space is easily converted from flat-floor to a tiered theatre space with 193 seats and is expertly equipped to accommodate a range of sound and light options.

Picture of the Annex

Bordered by fiery red curtains enclosing two floors of multifunctional performance space, the Annex is one of the most versatile performance venues in Vancouver. Performances taking place here run the gamut from long-established music festivals to one-off jazz ensembles.

I don’t know about you but from writing this, I really want to go watch a show in one of these, what an experience that would be!

– Daniel Hoodikoff

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