More than Just a Display

If you live in Vancouver, you have probably stopped by Stanley Park at least once in your lifetime as a kid. If you have been to Stanley Park, then you have probably also noticed the Vancouver Aquarium that resides there.

Inside its walls, and outside, are a large number of galleries where you can see a thousands of unique water-faring creatures on display. From playful sea-otters to bright clown and tiny sea horses, there is a lot to see. But did you know that the aquarium is more than just a tourist attraction? Have you ever wondered what else is going on that you cannot see?

This cute pre-mature pup arrived at the Vancouver Aquarium to recover after being left alone.

Since opening on June 15, 1956 after being formed by the Vancouver Public Aquarium Association in 1951, the Aquarium has served as a research facility. From rearing species to learn how they develop, understanding our ocean to help maintain them, to animal rehabilitation and release, there is more than just displays for us to see behind-the-scenes. Not only that, but the Aquarium is part of Ocean Wise, a global conservation program.

So keep all of that in mind next time you stop on in. The facility is not just for your entertainment, but is helping our fellow animals and trying to ensure we still have healthy oceans for when you bring either your kids or nephews or friends there.

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