Local Natives Stopping By Tonight!

Local Natives performing live in Italy. Photo taken from their Wikipedia Page.

With the doom and gloom of yesterday’s weather passing us by, we’re back to our regular sunny days! I’m feeling good, I’ve got my sunglasses on, my earbuds in, and I’ll be listening to upbeat playlists all day. Hey, speaking of playlists; you know who’s who keep popping up on all of mine? Local Natives. At first I just liked a song or two of theirs, but lately they’ve really started to grow on me.

If you haven’t heard of them I can guarantee there’s at least three of their songs that will make you go “Ooooh! Yeah, I know this one!” Dark Days, Coins, and I Saw You Close Your Eyes, are all songs that have been appearing everywhere for a while now. Maybe those have worn on you by now, I’ll admit they can be a little overplayed. Well, fear not! Local Natives is touring with a brand new album, Violet Street, full of fresh music to get stuck in your head.

A quick Google of Violet Street will show the reception of this album, much like their previous work, has been mainly positive. Listening to the album I find myself inclined to agree, to make it short; it’s really, really good.

But don’t let the critics make up your mind for you! Let me do that! Ok-not really. But if you’re a little short on time I can give you some of the highlights of the album, as well as my thoughts on what type of show this is going to be.

This is the type of album I can definitely see myself listening to all summer; they’ve got songs to listen to while you cruise off into the sunset, bop along to on your commute to work, chill to on the beach with friends; Megaton Mile, Shy, and Café Amarillo are all essential to your summer playlist. The album is full of sunny vibes, but if you’re more introspective, there’s songs for you too. If you’re feeling looking for some depth, songs like When Am I Gonna Lose You and Garden of Elysian are right up your alley. It’s got a little something for everyone and does a great job putting out fun songs that contain writing with depth.

Listening to Local Native’s older stuff and checking out their latest album I’d say this would be a great show to attend if you’re looking to kick off summer right. The rain is leaving us (Knock on wood) the sun is out, the weather is heating up, and school is starting to wind down. I feel a show like this is going to be a nice mood booster and a great way to enter into “summer-mode”.

Ok, ok, so that’s all well and good. But how much is this going to cost? If you’re like me, your budget might be a little tighter after having tuition drained your account. I’d say this show is pretty bank account friendly; Tickets are around $37, which works out to be $51 after paying concert fees. Not the cheapest show, but Local Natives are a well established band with an impressive resumé; so I feel you’d be getting a pretty good value.

If you and some friends and looking for a concert to start summer off right; I’d recommend heading to the show. With a catalogue of great songs, a proven record of putting on great live shows, and a solid new album, Local Natives is guaranteed to put on a solid performance.

You can get those tickets right here.

Heading over tonight? Big Local Natives fan? Fan of the new album? Let me know!

-Nelson Ellis

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