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If you’re older and reading this then try to remember the last time you went on a school field trip, or if you’re still in elementary or secondary, then try to look forward to future field trips. I’m not sure if you have visited Vancouver’s Art Gallery but if you want to bug your teachers or drive there yourself, there are some pretty cool artifacts to go look at.

For kids who are in grades one through twelve, Vancouver’s Art Gallery has some pretty neat guided tours with workshops. One of them is called The Street which commenced May 8th and ends June 13th.

“The urban street has been an important source of inspiration for artists since the Renaissance and it remains one of the primary locations in which culture is produced in the world today.” – Vancouver Art Gallery

If you get the chance to explore this tour you will have the chance to explore the subject matter of the street through painting, photography, sculpture, and video from the Gallery’s collection, ranging in date from the eighteenth century up to the present.

Jack Shadbolt, Yates Street Evening, Victoria; Dominion Theatre, Yates St., Victoria, 1946, watercolor, gouache, ink on paper, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Acquisition Fund.

For post-secondary students, Vancouver’s Art Gallery offers both self-guided visits and guided tours. The Self-Guided Visit consists of a class up to 30 students navigating any open exhibition space in the gallery. The Guided Tour option consists of a tour lead by one of the gallery’s educators. Teachers can request up to 2 exhibitions to focus on for this option.

Or if you aren’t in school right now, you’re just an adult paying bills. You can take a break from all of that and guide yourself through a self-guided tour which costs $80 for the whole day! Let loose and enjoy something artistic!

– Daniel Hoodikoff



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