Our Greatest Addiction?

Have you ever felt your hand digging into your pockets or purse to slowly pull out your smartphone in public places or even at home at the dinner table? You are so tempted by the sweet lull of your phone buzzing or the anticipation for an update to appear on one of your social media feeds. Next thing you know, you’ve faded into a different world as other events are going on around you.

There is no denying that the smartphone has become integral to our lives. From keeping up-to-date with our friends or favorite artists, to snapping quick photos of the delicious, warm food we eat, to sending messages and writing e-mails to everyone we know.

But it does raise the question, are we becoming too attached to our phones?


(Image courtesy of Borsidublin)

Ever since I got the Discord App on my phone, I find it hard to put the phone away if an interesting conversation comes up and I feel an urge to respond, hoping that conversation does not die because of inactivity. It allows me to keep up with my online friends and fellow gamers and I can say, it has not done me good with attention spans running shorter and shorter every month. And worse, I have browsed at my phone at the dinner table rather than talking with friends or family who are across from me.

I am not sure how big of a problem things will be in the future, but I do believe we need to find ways to pry ourselves away from the glowing screens. We already have TVs, computers, and tablets so we should find a way to not open our screens, especially when there are people across from us who we can talk to.

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