Twenty One Pilots in Vancouver

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Did you know Twenty One Pilots came to Vancouver yesterday? It is part of their Bandito tour which got requested a ton! I know right! Twenty One Pilots played every track from their recent album ‘Trench’ live for the first time last night. The Ohio duo are commending this tour in support of their fifth studio album, which came out back in October. It was their first LP since 2015’s ‘Blurryface’. I didn’t know it until a friend of mine started to post spam on her Snapchat story. I’m pretty sure she’s their number one fan. I asked her what she thought of it and she said, “it was honestly the best. That band means the world to me. They’re the reason I’m alive now, to be honest, and so seeing them in person was truly a beautiful moment.”

Twenty One Pilots wore bandanas around their faces which made them look like gangsters which looks pretty cool. Get this, they put a car on fire! If that isn’t a show that portrays gangster attitude, I don’t know what is. Fire and lights filled the stage as the audience’s faces gleamed with happiness and their bodies filled with rhythm, a quote by me, some metaphoric pizzazz for your day.

Picture of the band Bear Hands

The band Bear Hands headlined for them and my friend said, “They were alright. It was mostly too hyped for Twenty One Pilots to pay attention.”

If you want to check out their latest album check it out here

– Daniel Hoodikoff


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