Street Art in Vancouver

Have you noticed the vibrant art that is portrayed in the streets of Vancouver? You haven’t? Well, you’re in for a wild and colorful ride! Want to know where the best places to go are to seek out the best works of art? I’m assuming you’re nodding your head.

The first place to go to is Downtown Vancouver, it has a bright pink and yellow alleyway just south of West Hastings Street, between Granville and Seymour Streets. It’s a part of Downtown Vancouver’s More Awesome Now project, which “takes existing, underutilized downtown laneways and reshapes them into engaging public spaces accessible by everyone.” Points of interest include the basketball hoops, hopscotch, and More Awesome Now sign.

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The second place to go has to be on Granville Island. The artists are Osmegos, who are identical twin brothers from Sao Paulo who have over one million Instagram followers. The 21-meter (69-foot) mural on Ocean Concrete’s silos was the pair’s first artwork in Canada. The seven-story mural is hard to ignore, and with paintings on both sides, it’s fun to view it from different angles.

Picture of art from Osmegos

The final place to go to would be East Vancouver. Branching off of East Hastings Street, from Gastown to Clark Drive, is where you will find a lot of Vancouver’s vibrant street art. There is even several Vancouver Mural Tours focused on showcasing the best street art in the Eastside, and the stories behind the pieces. There is an amazing portrait of Jimi Hendrix by local artist Dedos, plus there are murals paying tribute to East Vancouver’s Chinatwon and Japantown neighborhoods and native art.

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– Daniel Hoodikoff

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