Social Media – A Double-Edged Sword

We’re living in an era where social media is a big aspect of everyone’s life.

Social media has drastically changed the world we live in, and it’s even hard to imagine a life without it.

It’s a double-edged sword, but why?  Well simply, it can either make, or break you. There’s no in between. It can bring you the world but from just one mistake, it can destroy everything you have.

Just take a look at James Charles’s case. Yes, the one that was, and still is making waves all over the internet in the past days. We can’t deny the fact that the kid has talent, and being a boy in that industry is hard. James started making YouTube videos back in 2015, mainly focusing on make-up and beauty. His popularity on the streaming site rose quickly everyday. After about three years, he had more than 16 million subscribers, even got into the Forbes “30 under 30” as a young millionaire.

It’s inevitable, with someone of his stature, that he has lots of drama and many feuds with other people. And the most recent one pushed him to the edge of his career path.

Tati Westbrook- a 37-year-old beauty guru posted a video 43 minutes long exposing and telling people that she will cut off the “sister relationship” with James. The tea has been spilled on both Tati and James’s channel. Afterwards, other influencers also took sides and most of them are with Tati. Pooling all the “tea” together, the male beauty blogger has had millions of people basically turn over and hit that unsubscribe button.

The whole world is hating on this 19 year-old boy. Yes, he made many mistakes. But aren’t we all? People make stupid mistakes. That’s what growing up all about. He just happens to have the world looking and judging him. And how did that happen? Cause James is social-media famous.

This is not about defending James Charles and his behavior. This whole fiasco is a hard lesson to teach him to snap out of the whole “I’m a celebrity, I can do whatever I want” attitude, and change himself to be better in the future.

Make one mistake and the world goes against you. That’s the power of social media.


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