Snow Patrol Is Here!

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No, not the type that salts the roads. Summer has arrived and winter is long dead. Scottish band Snow Patrol, most famous for Chasing Cars, is playing tonight at the Queen Elizabeth theatre. There’s still some tickets up for grabs and they are anywhere between $48 – $83

This is part of Snow Patrol’s Wildness tour to promote their newest album. This is their first album released in 8 years. What’s the reception been like? I’m seeing reviews range from 4 out of 5 stars to getting as low as 3.9/10.

If your like me, you know maybe two Snow Patrol songs. Chasing Cars is a certified classic. Who doesn’t know that one? If you tell me you don’t feel a hint of teenage angst every time it comes on, I will call you a liar. Called Out In The Dark is another stellar track by them and is probably my favourite out of their catalogue. But is two songs, and mixed reviews enough to fork over $48 to see them live? Maybe not. So let’s take a look at their setlist and see if this is worth it.

If you’re a diehard Snow Patrol fan and you don’t want spoilers about the setlist, I’m going to advise you to stop reading now! I won’t be going over the entire setlist but I will be touching on some of the songs that will be played.

Looking over the track listings I immediately scan for two songs; Called Out In The Dark and of course, Chasing Cars. Yes, dear reader, they will be playing both those classics. Phew.

But what about the other songs they’ll be playing? Chocolate? Don’t Give In? Just Say Yes? I haven’t heard any of them. So let’s change that. Let’s delve into some Snow Patrol!

The last live show they did on this tour this opened with Chocolate. Obviously you want to start strong, so I expected big things from this track. Did it disappoint? No, I actually really enjoyed it! It’s nothing too heavy or overwhelming and the overall message is about turning over a new leaf in life (specifically about starting fresh after you cheat on your girlfriend. Yikes.)  It’s a good song, no doubt. It also feels like it would be a pretty solid opener for a concert, it’s got a nice build, a catchy drum beat, and stellar vocals. It’s a great song to ease you into a show and if the rest of their track list is like this; they may have just persuaded me to go.

Jumping ahead a bit we have Don’t Give In, a track from their new album. According to Gary Lightbody, lead singer of the band, the song was initially written about a friend going through a tough time, but as he continued to working on it he said it became about himself working on the album, which was a five year process. The song is a nice mixture about seeing personal project through and keeping the fight against what ever tough times you might be experiencing. Ok, so a solid message and a solid meaning behind it, but how is it as a song? Well, since discovering it thirty minutes ago I have listened to it at least four times in a row, so I enjoy it! The lyrics are well written, it’s got a catchy “clap-stomp” going on in the background which manages not to be annoying, and it has a bit of stripped down acoustic feel to it. All in all, I really enjoy this song and it definitely makes me want to check out the new album. It manages to be emotional and introspective, without making me feel too sad, and nobody likes a bummer at a concert.

Ok, so let’s jump all the way ahead to the last song they’ll play; Just Say Yes. “My expectations for this one are though the roof. Snow Patrol better not disappoint me!” I thought as I pressed play. Did Snow Patrol let me down? Did I finally get a bad song from my random setlist selection?


No! Snow Patrol, yet again, has impressed me. This one isn’t the strongest one lyrically, it was originally written for Gwen Stefani and you certainly hear the “poppy” elements in the words, but it’s a fun song and I would definitely be thrilled to see it live. The instruments and production behind it make the song for me; a nice electric feel to it that leads into a nice build with some cool “Oooo” vocal harmonies behind it. The whole song has a fun, trippy, and dreamy feeling to it.  All that plus a catchy chorus? Definitely a fun song to witness live. Plus it’s a nice contrast to first one; instead of cheating on your girlfriend this one is about being in love with and committing to another person. Nice, Snow Patrol, nice.

These are just three of the 16 songs Snow Patrol has on their setlist. Add the 2 that I already liked and I’ve got a guarantee of 5 songs that I would enjoy live. Is that worth the $48? I’m starting to lean into it a bit!

Now, I don’t know if Snow Patrol’s setlist tonight will be exactly the same, but I feel like they could really put on a great show! If you’re looking for something to go to tonight and have a few extra $20 bills laying around, it might be worth getting a ticket.

For their most recent setlist check this out.

And if you feel like seeing them tonight you get those tickets right here!

Are you heading to show tonight? Big Snow Patrol fan? Let me know!

– Nelson Ellis

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