Parking Is Up. Sort Of.

If you traveled into Burnaby by car, you’ve probably passed by Metrotown. Containing hundreds of stores that include grocery, a wide-variety of restaurants and food stalls along with a Cineplex hosting the latest releases, you are enticed to take a glance on what is going on in BC’s largest shopping mall. And if that does not interest you, there are plenty of other places right beside Metrotown that makes it an excellent stopping point to reach places like Crystal Mall or the various stores along Kingsway.

And if you decided to park at Metrotown, you have found a way to use that four-hour time limit. Whether it’s just exploring the nearby area, watching three hour Marvel movies, or sneaking away using the Skytrain and then returning at the last moment to avoid the ticket, you have a lot of time for your vehicle to stay parked at the mall.

If you need to stay for awhile, you might want to check where you are.

What you might not have known is the time limit being cut back by two hours in certain spots at the mall since May 1st of this year. These locations along Kingsway between Sussex and Nelson are having their free parking reduced to two hours. Thankfully, you can still take your car underground and be met with a four hour parking limit. In the worst case scenario where you really need to keep your car on the surface, you can pay for two more hours.

It is unlikely that this will affect most of us and even then, Metrotown has enough parking spaces for one to drive their car to a new spot once those two hours are up. Still, it is something to keep in mind if you got to leave your car behind for a movie or two.

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