Cone Zone’s annual Campaign

The Cone Zone held it’s ninth annual campaign on May 13. This event was created to raise awareness for roadside workers in the Lower Mainland. The Cone Zone is an area that protects roadside workers from passing drivers, the zone also instructs the drivers drivers to be cautious and to leave there phones alone. Between the years of 2009 and 2018, 13 roadside workers have been killed along with 213 being injured under similar incidents. 

Due to the growing number of new drivers in the Lower-Mainland as well as phones and other electronic becoming more prominent, especially while driving, the RCMP is cracking down hard with tickets up to $368 for using an electronic device while driving. During the Campaign, the RCMP ran what is known as an enforcement blitz. This is a surge in tickets that are given out at worksites in the Lower Mainland to members of the driving public, if they break laws around these zones.

This year, The Lower Mainland RCMP have teamed up with the Work Zone Safety Alliance and WorkSafeBC in order to raise more awareness towards the risks roadside workers take. Between years 2009 and 2018, 13 roadside workers have been killed along with 213 workers being injured under similar incidents. Valder Belgrave, who is in charge of Media Relations for Road Safety at Work says that these incidents are becoming more and more frequent and that it is important to protect these workers. 

Cautious driving in cone zones is not just important for the safety of roadside workers. Road-maintenance crews, police officers, tow truck operators, first responders, municipal workers and other roadside workers all depend on cautious drivers to respect the cone zone and to keep their workplaces safe.

The Cone Zone has been operating since 2010. Traffic control persons, temporary road signs and traffic control devices still continue to remind drivers to say focused on the road, leave their phones alone, slow down and move over, all of the things that could help prevent deaths.


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