Canada holds its breath after the unbelievably close raptors game.

The game had fans on the edge of their seats. It was all tied up to the last second against the 76ers until forward Kawhi Leonard scored a game winning 2 pointer allowing them to move onto the Eastern Conference Finals. This game is very monumental to not only The Raptors but to Kawhi as well. TSN’s radio personality Jay Canada spoke with us about the impact of last nights game and had this to say,

“that was being built going into the game as the biggest game in Raptors history and i think i agree with that, and i think it lived up to that, and as a whole it was what a lot of game sevens in the nba are, it was tight, it was low scoring.”

This past season was Kawhi Leonard’s first with The Raptors after being drafted in 2018. Regarding the newcomer to the team Jay had this to say,

“I think as of right now he’s establishing himself as easily a top 5 nba player in the league, possibly the argument could be made for top three or better and that’s a place Kawhi Leonard has never been he’s kind of always flown under the radar despite winning a finals MVP in 2014.”

The win makes them face off against the Milwaukee Bucks this Wednesday in the first match of the Eastern Conference Final.


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