2019 MET GALA FASHION REVIEW (by people who don’t understand it)

I’m a fan of the fact that this year’s MET Gala was basically themed “worst dressed” (it was themed “camp” meaning in bad taste yet still aesthetically pleasing) . Most of the outfits that are getting praised would normally be the ones getting trashed and I am so here for it. It’s also making “judging” the fashion hard. Someone is wearing a really nice gown? Well it’s nice, and in any normal circumstance it’d be in the top, but because the goal is camp, they failed miserably. If I think it’s bad does that actually mean it’s good?

For those who aren’t quite sure what the MET Gala is, do not feel ashamed, all of us in the office today had to google it. It’s an arts fundraiser that’s basically a themed costume party for celebrities. Nobody really watches it, but we look at what they all wear and act like we have valid opinions. So on that note, here are  some of the opinions of the Evolution 107.9 team on the 2019 MET Gala looks:

“Celine Dion was an ethereal goddess and she 100% won the night. That head piece is like 20 pounds, she won just with that alone” – Sab


“Say what you want about Frank Ocean’s get up, for as simple as it was, he killed it” – Themi


“Kasey Musgraves pulled off the theme really well but still looked elegant, like a Barbie doll” – Brooke


“Young Travis Scott looking like a Nazi up in here, like a reject extra from Star Wars” – Jake


“Jared Leto looked crazy and, I mean, Shawn Mendes looked perfect like always.” – Kiara


“Lady Gaga and Billy Porter are the only ones who knew what they were doing.” – Jack


“Katy Perry was a f****** chandelier, like WHY? It’s dumb”– Sharina

Shout outs to everyone who forgot the names of people so I had no idea who they were talking about. Honourable mentions to the boys who tried to help:

“My favourite look was the shock and awe on everyone’s faces….what’s the MET Gala?” – Jordan

“The Mets? Why’d they have a gala?” – Dave

“Now that I know it’s ‘camp’ like tacky and not ‘camp’ like Canadian Tire it all makes sense.” – George

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