The ban on single-use items have been postponed!

Vancouver has decided to postpone the ban on single-use items!

It was originally set to be introduced on June 1, but it was recommended that the ban would be postponed until April 2020. The single-use ban was voted last May to eliminate single-use items as part of the Zero Waste 2040 strategy.

Plastic is pretty known in the world, especially in the food industry where we all use takeout containers, straws, coffee cups, and so much more.

In a way, I agree and understand as to why they’re postponing the ban for reasons such as expenses and finding alternatives. It does cost about 20 cents more switching to biodegradable items compared to styrofoam containers which cost less than 1 cent. I know one of the biggest concerns I had, and pretty much everyone else was how will people consume bubble tea without straws?!? Like it makes sense for everyone to worry because how do we enjoy our delicious pearls and perfect bubble tea without slurping it up?

bubble tea of friends


Business, such as the bubble tea industry, is still trying to figure out alternatives that would work with their products. Many countries have turned to bamboo as an alternative to plastic. Bamboo can be used for straws or takeout containers and it’s a bonus that it can be washed, so it’s reusable! Certain areas in Asia even use banana leaves to wrap their products instead of using plastic! These are such cool alternatives and not only are they so cool, but they’re eco-friendly to the Earth!


Personally, if we continued with this ban, this would be a great step in becoming eco-friendly to the Earth! As I’ve heard before, this our only Earth and we should be the ones to take care of it! So let’s keep searching for alternatives and keep mother Earth nice and happy!

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