Jane the Virgin: An Addicting Flick

Netflix has the power to hold my attention for hours on end and when I say that I was addicted to this show, I mean my entire spring break revolved around watching Jane The Virgin.

For the entire week of spring break I was up until about 4 am in my room, cozy in bed, laptop propped up on the mattress beside me clicking “play next” ever 50 minutes and it was worth every second of lost sleep.

Jane The Virgin has all the good makings of an incredible TV show. The drama, the life lessons, the romance, highlighting serious political issues, family relationships, and so much more. It’s hard not to get hooked, even if you’re not into certain parts of the show the quality of the rest of it will pull you in. I’ve been sitting in the living room binging and my father has come in and stood for as long as 20 minutes watching along with me having no prior knowledge of what’s going on in the show because it’s that good.

The show focuses on the life of Jane Gloriana Villanueva, a young waitress in Miami. She is an incredibly organized individual, in college with a 2 year plan with her boyfriend so you can imagine how her life is flipped upside down when she becomes pregnant by being accidentally artificially inseminated. And let’s not forget that she saving herself for marriage because of her Catholic upbringing.

The show often flashes back and forth to the present Jane in her mid twenties to the past when she was an adolescent and times when she’s a teenager. It’s packed with family drama, relationship drama, even some crime drama which was very unexpected for me, but I love how it all ties together so well.

The show first aired in October 2014 and the final season is airing on Netflix now, with new episodes being released every Wednesday. Back in 2014, the world was in a better political climate than it is now, but with events that have since taken place in the past 5 years, with a new president taking the lead in the US and many different tragedies happening throughout America, the show has touched on certain topics which makes it that much better. Jane’s grandmother is undocumented in the states and the series highlights her application process and then goes on to show some of the horrible things that are happening in the country. A dramatic show that focuses a lot on romance and family is using their platform to talk about serious issues happening and I think it’s brilliant.

And of course, let’s not forget the incredibly attractive human beings that star in the show. First and foremost Rafael Solano played by the beautiful Justin Baldoni. And his character, Rafael is a womanizer at first and then after certain life events he turns into a caring, respectable hunk which makes him that much more attractive. 

Jane is played by the young and successful Gina Rodriguez and her mother in the show, Xiomara is played by the unbelievably attractive Andrea Navedo, who is 41 I might add and looks amazing for her age.

Both beautiful women with very attractive love interests in the show. Their chemistry as mother and daughter in the show make them even more lovable. Jane has a few different love interests throughout but hands down Rafael takes the cake for most gorgeous and Xiomara is often focused on telenovela star the charming Rogelio De La Vega who is played by Jaime Camil and he is pretty fantastic looking also. 


I think the main reason I’m so in love with the show is because even though my life is crazy and I have a lot of intense things going on, I can tune it all out and focus on Jane and the craziness in her life. It’s nice to see because it often brings me back to the reality that although my life may be crazy I’ll find a way through it, just as Jane does. She is a good person to look up to and I see a lot of myself in her and it’s nice to see someone I can relate to on screen. 

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