Declutter Your Life

I am someone who is notorious for changing the layout of my room at least once a month. I’m talking full rearrangement of furniture including bed, desk, sofa, sometimes I’ll even move my posters to different walls or rearrange my collage of pictures of me and my friends and family. I mean that’s what a collage is, a collection of pictures all put together but in the past few years of my life I’ve noticed small changes in my habits and what I keep in my room and my surroundings.

Less is more. That’s what I’ve learned about a lot of things in my life. The objects/clutter/nicknacks one has in their house, the amount of clothes in ones closet and just the general amount of possessions any person has. I noticed that the clutter was getting to me and throughout the last few years I’ve majorly decluttered my life. Purging clothes and objects is so relieving. When you have too much stuff it can be annoying and make you feel stress that’s unnecessary.

When there’s a constant pile of things to pick up or dust around your house, you’re going to feel stressed about it. There’s no need for some of that stuff so why put the energy and effort into cleaning it.

Same goes with things on your desk. Maybe you have your own cubicle or computer area where you work and if it’s full of clutter how are you supposed to get any work done and not be distracted and annoyed by all of the clutter on your desk. The only thing on my desk is my laptop, my pen cup full of pens, my notebook and my lamp and when I feel like it flowers in a vase. The less clutter the better you’re going to feel about yourself. Say you have lots of work to do, lots of things around you isn’t going to make that better and will add to your stress.

Even taking 5 minutes a day to dust off or declutter your work area can make a huge difference so set aside that time and watch as you become not only a cleaner person but a less stressed person with less clutter in your life.  

And if you’re finding yourself with just too much stuff that you don’t have a use for anymore; donate it! If it’s still in good condition why shouldn’t someone else you could find a use for it, use it!

I find myself in stressful situations a lot being a student, having a job, maintaining relationships with friends and family and having less clutter has helped immensely. It’s less stuff to clean, pick up after and worry about. So go ahead and donate those dusty things that have been sitting on your shelf for far too long, you’ll feel a whole lot better afterwards trust me!

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