Best Hangover Cure

Imagine: You have a party, concert, or some sort of event that involves drinking in some way, but you have to be up early the next day. Maybe it’s work, school, or maybe you are worried about waking up with a nasty hangover. Well, I got some pretty solid news for you right now. After much experimenting I have finally found a resolution to cure hangovers once and for-all: WEED.

Just to give a disclaimer, I’m no pot-head whatsoever, but I have come to the complete conclusion that weed is the best hangover cure before you even get up in the morning. Have a couple drinks, go ahead spoil yourself for a night. Once you’re done take a little puff here and there with a friend or by yourself, whatever works, and let the night play out! Be careful, make sure you aren’t crossing both dangerously. I prefer hitting it up a bit after you have drank so you pace yourself out more! Also, avoid edibles because too much and you may green out.

Weed somehow helps to soothe the effects of hangovers, so when you wake up the next day you feel like nothing happened. You can go on about your day without having a killer headache, feeling dizzy, or nauseated. I’m not sure how it works, but its magical and it helps me to have some fun at night with friends but also focus on my life properly the next day.

Give it a try next time you go out! I prefer being with a friend just to make sure the effects of weed stay on a good note, and of course be of age peeps!


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