On My Block

Season 2 of the popular Netflix show “On My Block” was released on March 29, 2019, and its already gotten rave reviews.

The show centres around a group of inner city kids living in the fictional town of Freeridge, California. The show deals with many aspects of these kids’ realities. This includes gang violence, broken families, coming of age, friendships and so much more. Season 1 premiered in early 2018 and it was praised for showcasing the true realities that many people, especially in Southern California, face. The characters from all walks of life which is further expanded in the 2nd season.

It’s important with shows that deal with harsh realities for them to be authentic. I appreciate that with “On My Block” there are consultants on set to help move the story along in a way that can translate those realities on TV. This is really important to do, especially in today’s age when so much can be misconstrued and people think a certain way about groups of people.

I know that coming of age shows are sometimes a bit clichè but “On My Block” is truly a needle in a haystack. The visible minority representation is amazing, the actors playing these roles were made for them and you can truly feel the chemistry oozing out from the screen.

“On My Block” is truly must-see TV! Make sure you check it out on Netflix and support this amazing show.

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