Where to NOT get stuck in traffic

I’m someone who spends a lot of time driving. Everyday I spend on average about 2.5 hours in my car, so you can imagine just how much traffic I’ve sat in, the highway I take is now etched in my brain and whenever I get the opportunity to not drive I take it!

All of this driving has also given me lots of time to think. I think about everything from normal everyday things like my schedule and things I have to get done to my future, and coming up with crazy scenarios in my head that will probably never happen like when I get the chance to meet Elias Pettersson.  

Anyways, you get the picture, I think a lot. The one thing my mind, for some reason always wonders to, is all of the awful places to be stuck in traffic. Makes sense considering how much I sit in traffic, but there’s a lot of negativity when I hit this subject, mostly related to death, being crushed or severely injured.

Everyday I cross the Port Mann Bridge. For a while it was the widest bridge in the world, being 10 lanes wide, but has since been dethroned. Regardless of its size, I’ve found myself stopped on it many times. It’s a cable bridge so I’m thinking of the havoc that would ensue if an earthquake were to ever hit while I’m on it. BC has been due for a pretty massive quake for a long time now, and I really hope I’m not on the bridge when it does. It wouldn’t be the worst place but still with the amount of cars and people on it, it would be disastrous. The Fraser River runs below, so I could just jump and make a swim for it but then again, that’s not exactly a safe alternative either. I’m a positive thinker, so every time I’m stuck on the bridge I don’t automatically think “Okay Amara, get ready to jump” but I wouldn’t be happy if the last place I existed was in traffic on the bridge I drive on to go to school everyday.

And I can only imagine what the Lions Gate bridge would be like. With the location being directly underneath where the Fraser River pours out into the ocean, a tsunami would probably hit if there was a giant earthquake so everyone on the Lions Gate would probably be toast. Have you ever seen the movie San Andres? If you haven’t, it’s a stellar flick and I recommend it because it’s pretty wild with the amount of chaos that happens after a natural disaster that causes more natural disasters.

This last location is the worst in my opinion; a tunnel. But not just any tunnel, the Massey Tunnel. It’s a tunnel located in Richmond, near the coast and the tunnel is long. When you enter the tunnel it descends downwards. It’s like you’re going further down into the earth which is scary in itself. And it keeps going downhill until you’re deep into the tunnel and you cannot see the other side which is the worst part. This part of the highway in Richmond can get pretty busy, but I can’t imagine being stuck in traffic inside the tunnel. You can’t see the exit, it’s dark except for the fluorescent amber lights lining the concrete walls. I can’t help but think of how insane I would go if something like an earthquake or a flood hit. Being trapped in a long tunnel with nowhere to go, being blocked in and slowly dying would be my worst nightmare. Every time I drive through it I hold my breath and count my blessings.

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