The Greatest Mac N Cheese Dishes To Ever Exist

Now I don’t know about you but when I participate in a friendly circle of “puff, puff, pass”, it’s about 20-30 minutes later that I start to dream about all of best meals I’ve ever had. And as I grow older and become more experienced with the devil’s lettuce, I’ve become more and more and picky with what I eat when I get the munchies. My go to’s consist of pizza, pasta, jr chickens, Nutella and any other chocolate I can get my hands on. Now when I say pizza and pasta you’re probably thinking that seems simple enough and I wish it was but my high maintenance taste buds won’t settle for anything less than a culinary masterpiece.

My mind somehow remembers all of the best pizza and pasta I’ve ever had -from places that specialize in deep dish that I would never be able to get at that hour or that one mac and cheese dish I adore so much from Burgoo that I couldn’t get because I was in Abbotsford and it was 11 pm and the closest one was downtown Van and closed. My mind likes to make my mouth water and crave those amazing meals while in reality I’ll be stuck with whatever is left over from dinner that night, oh and the jar of Nutella sitting in my room for this exact situation.

Nevertheless, when I am older and more wise, I will make sure I blaze up during the day, within walking distance to Burgoo in order to scarf down that mac and cheese while high as a kite.

This is why I will be providing the best list you’ve ever read; the best mac and cheese dishes you will find in the lower mainland.

This list is not cost sensitive, I take my mac seriously and some of it is on the expensive side, but trust me they’re worth it. This list is also not a ranking, these dishes are all superb and we don’t discriminate, all mac and all cheeses are equals on this list. And finally, no, Kraft Dinner does not make the cut, have some class would you.


First up, Burgoo. There’s a few locations around Vancouver and they are the masters of comfort food, with so many options it’s hard to choose but their mac is nothing short of scrumptious. It is literally so gooey, it’s an adventure just eating it. 


Macaroni & Cheese – 14.50


Second we have The Witchcraft Pub located in Maple Ridge with their buffalo mac dish. It is huge and so, so filling. I had to take it to go and I’m so glad because at 2 am when you stumble into the house after a long night of dancing this mac SLAPS.

Keystone Bar & Grill

Buffalo Mac & Cheese – 13.95


Next up we have Brodeurs Bistro in Abbotsford! This place is really well known and a favorite among lots of Abbotsfordians, including myself. There is a ton of stuff on their menu and the restaurant itself is super cute and comfy. Cheesy goodness is the best way to describe their mac and cheese dish!







Baked Mac-N-Cheese – 14.75


Coming in next, also located in Abbotsford is Lou’s Grill, a favorite of me and my friends and when we go we almost always share just because their portions are so massive. There is two incredibly delicious mac and cheese dishes on their menu. One featuring chorizo with some cajun flavour and the other is a truffle lobster which is my weakness and I’m not joking when I say it provides me with three meals; however much I finish there, and two more servings that I pack up and take home.

Lou's Bar & Grill, Abbotsord, B.C.

Porters on the Lane - Lobster Mac and Cheese

Chorizo Penne Mac and Cheese – 17.95
Truffle Lobster Mac and Cheese – 26.95


Now we have a place that’s known for it’s beer, but the mac and cheese is pretty stellar too, its Craft located in Olympic Village in Vancouver. This place is hug, a giant bar in the centre of the place and you can tell all of the people there have a great time. I first tried their mac and cheese after a Canucks game at Rogers Arena right across the water from Olympic Village. It’s not too heavy and those peppers  and bacon make it perfect.

Roll out the red carpet  (2010 Olympic Village Plaza)

CRAFT Beer Market on West 1st Ave

CRAFT Mac & Cheese – 17.50


Now last and certainly not least is technically not a mac and cheese dish, but actually mac and cheese bites. They are an appetizer featured at cocktail hour at Glowbal Restaurant in the heart of downtown Vancouver. I don’t know how to describe them they are that good, they come with an aioli dipping sauce but it’s not even needed they are so good on their own. It’s like they take a scoop of mac and cheese and deep fry it and somehow sprinkle on heaven and serve it to you. Just try them, I promise you’ll be very satisfied. And it’s a cocktail hour appy -saving you some cash or what?

fried mac and cheese bites, Treehouse Truck

Mac’n Cheese Bites with truffle aioli – 8 


My mouth has been watering this entire time so I’m gonna hit up Lou’s for lunch and do yourself a favor and get going on this list of mine. Sorry in advance for all the major mac and cheese cravings you’re gonna have!

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