Meaning Behind A Star Is Born

Just last week my friends and I took a quick trip to the nearest Cineplex and watched the extended version of A Star Is Born! I have already watched it when it had first come out in theaters, but how can I miss the chance of seeing it once again. With one extra song and 12 minutes added to the film, these small details meant a lot to us fans.

Of course It was a crying sesh the first time I had seen the film, but that did not change the second time. It seemed I was even MORE emotional watching it twice, even though I knew exactly what was going to happen. I resonated with the story line personally. I had left a relationship a couple months ago due to reasons revolving around addiction abuse and mental health, so this movie hit close to home.

A Star Is Born is a remake of the 1937 film where Ally, a struggling artist meets Jack, a famous country music singer who pushes Ally outside her comfort zone to be the star that she was born to be. As the two fall in love, many obstacles come in the way that halt their everlasting connection. The inner struggles that Jack faces have suddenly surfaced, revealing his mental and emotional instability that he has held back throughout his whole life.

This movie highlights such important issues throughout. It displays a glamorous life of money and love, yet mental health and addiction can become major obstacles in allowing that ‘perfect life’ to exist. No matter how much money you have, how much someone may love you or care for you, your mental health can come in the way as a barrier.

Make the effort to put yourself first. Allow yourself to heal, obtain help through counselling and therapy, and treat yourself every now and then. I highly recommend everyone to take a look at A Star Is Born. The soundtrack is killer but the film and theme itself is what makes the film so meaningful. Kudos to Bradley Cooper on taking the role of Jack and Director of the film. Warning: you will cry for sure.

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