Why there should be drive thrus for different things

One of my favorite things about living in the lower mainland in the amount of drive thrus there is where I live. You in Vancouver want a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato, well if it’s raining you have to walk outside and into that sbux on the corner, whereas I simply drive thru, roll my window down and bam, hot coffee in my hands. And let’s not forget the countless fast food drive thrus that are oh so convenient. Big cities? Y’all could never. This got me thinking, what else could do really well and would be amazing to have in drive thru form. With the help of my Evolution team we’ve come up with a few products/places that could use a drive thru component and it would make it that much better.

First off, and this was all me because I am the queen of period cramps and legit not being able to walk; a drive thru for feminine hygiene products. Now I know we can just ask our moms, boyfriends and brothers to pick us up our supplies but that’s not always possible. I’m thinking it could be an addition to a grocery store. A side building stocked of tampons and pads, all brands and sized with a window where anyone can drive up, let the clerk know what they need, pay and they’re off. Some chocolate and ice cream might not be a bad idea to have there too, I know I would take full advantage.

The preferred choice for feminine hygiene.

The next one I would love to see is a drive thru for slurpees! It could be so easy -just add drive up window to gas stations and there you go! Unless you’re one of those people who mix in a bunch of weird flavors and have to do it your way, this is something that could be very successful. You don’t want to get out of your car if all your doing is going to get a slurpee -if you’re getting gas then yeah sure but it’s hot out, you don’t want to get out of your air conditioned car and into the heat! I think it could work and maybe along with slurpees, they could also do some basic convenience store items like snacks, gum, lighters, soda, anything you’d find in a 7-eleven really.


Now this one might be hard to get started based on laws and what not but I think it could make bank, and be very successful. A liquor store drive thru. I mean we all drive to the liquor store anyways, what would be wrong with having it be a drive thru experience. And most of us know what we want, whether it be hard alcohol, wine or beer, an attendant would take your order, go grab it, check ID’s and take payment. For those who want to browse and maybe try some new stuff it’s nice to go in and maybe talk to one of the store clerks but those who need to make a quick trip before making their way downtown, it would be perfect.

Liquor store in Brooklyn

I’m a big smoothie fan and one things I’ve noticed is that none of the Booster Juice locations are drive thrus. They could do so well if they had the drive thru component because there are actually no smoothie places that are drive thru. The other places you can get smoothies in drive thru are McDonalds or Tims and while they’re good, they’re not the authentic yummy ones from Booster Juice or Jugo Juice. I know I would use it so I’m sure others would too.  

Booster Juice

Another idea I had, and it may already exist in some places are pharmacy pick ups using a drive thru. When people are sick they don’t want to go inside the pharmacy and wait 20 minutes for their prescription to get filled so why not drive thru? Maybe people could drop it off inside just in case there’s any instructions that go with the medication but a window could be put near the pharmacy that the pharmacists could have patients pick up their meds there after they are filled.


We’ve all ordered pizza and they always ask, pick-up or delivery. I live on a farm so delivery has never been an option so I always go pick it up. I don’t mind it’s only about 10 minutes away but what would make it even better? A pick up window at the pizza place! Drive up, collect the za you ordered, pay and you’re gone!


And my last super amazing idea, again might be difficult to start up because of laws but a drive thru for marijuana. Now that’s legal there are lots of dispensaries popping up and I’m telling ya, a drive thru could do so well! Drive up, talk to the clerk and tell them how much and what strain, pay and there you go. Again you’re driving to the dispensary anyways so why not drive thru. It would be so convenient and I know people would use it and love it!

marijuana 2

So those are my multi million dollar ideas and I really think they could take off. Okay maybe not millions of dollars but there’s money to be made.

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