Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

March 8, 2014, was a day that changed so many peoples lives. It brought so many people from all walks of life together for the worst possible reason. Their friends and family went missing on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Its been 5 years and there’s still little to no evidence as to what happened on that fateful flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Although the general consensus is that the plane went missing around or over the Indian Ocean, there has been little to no debris found anywhere. The missing plane and lack of evidence has left the world baffled. The black box was never found so we don’t know what truly happened during the flights last moments.

The flight’s captain seemed calm when speaking to the people on the ground the whole time until it lost contact with the ground.

So what exactly happened? There are so many theories and none have really been proven or debunked. Some people think that it might have been an inside job or terrorist attack. That the plane wasn’t actually crashed but it landed safely somewhere in order for it to be used for a future terrorist attack. Others think that the captain himself took the plane down as a suicide attempt. Who really knows.

Honestly, it is quite possible that we will never know what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. There just isn’t enough evidence to determine anything. Will we find the airplane anywhere? All we can do is hope that in the next 5 years we get some answers to anything.

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