You’re scared of what?

There are many things in this great big world we live in to be scared of; poisonous insects, the vast undiscovered ocean, earthquakes, heights, flying, even needles or small spaces. While a small space can’t technically hurt you, it still makes sense to be afraid, it can cause anxiety and therefore can become pretty scary.

Now I’m not saying people can’t be scared of certain things, because everyone is scared of something but there are some pretty unusual phobias out there. To give you a good idea, I’ve picked out 6 that I found incredibly surprising.

1. Arachibutyrophobia

This is the fear of getting peanut butter stuck on the roof of one’s mouth. Now in my peanut butter experience, getting it stuck on the roof of your mouth is almost inevitable, it’s sticky and bound to end up lingering in your mouth. Now I can understand having a fear of choking and this is where the fear of peanut butter and it’s stickiness comes in, but I like the sensation personally, that’s what makes it so good, it’s gooey texture!

peanut butter

2. Omphalophobia

This is the fear of belly buttons. People’s fear of their belly buttons differ. Some of them are fearful of just seeing them, others become incredibly uncomfortable when their belly buttons are touched, and then they also become scared when other people touch theirs. I can say that I really don’t like my belly button touched by anyone but I wouldn’t say I’m scared of them.

Belly button

3. Xanthophobia

This is the fear of the color or the word yellow. Now my favorite color is yellow so I can’t relate and I really don’t understand being afraid of a color or a word because I’m not sure what negative experiences one can have in association with a color or a certain word. But it exists nevertheless so I’m sure there are people who suffer from it. It’s said that the color is related to some horrific experience so seeing a flash of the color can bring up memories of that time, which can cause the fear.


4. Pogonophobia

Now this fear might be considered silly, but I can see how one would be afraid of beards. A fear of beards can stem from past experiences -maybe the person was mistreated by another/assaulted or harassed by someone with a beard. Maybe the person associated beards with uncleanliness and illness, therefore fear it and then there’s cultural norms. Beards are becoming more “mainstream” and are looked at as attractive, but for someone who isn’t used to it or doesn’t see it often can develop a fear.


5.. Ombrophobia

This fear is actually pretty common, which I found surprising -its the fear of rain. It is a common fear among children which makes sense because rain can mean storms. Storms can be scary when there’s loud thunder and lightning but just rain I find relatively peaceful.


6. Alliumphobia

The fear of onions is a real thing. Onions are delicious in my humble opinion, but there are people out there terrified of them. I actually have a friend who is horrified by onions, even if there is one around she’ll run away or scream. Others like to poke fun at her (myself included) but I’ve realized it’s a real fear despite how silly I think it is. One rather cruel friend slipped some onions into her food once and it ended with lots of tears.



Now all of these fears may seem irrational, but they are legitimate fears people suffer from. They can become ill, have panic attacks and even be prescribed medication for certain symptoms. Even though these aren’t things that the average human are scared of, we can’t bash what someone else is scared of, so don’t throw onions at your friends that are scared of them, maybe avoid people with beards when you’re with certain people, and don’t touch anyone’s belly buttons. 

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