The Story Of Milli Vanilli

On March 7, 1989, Milli Vanilli released their debut studio album. No one expected what came after.

Milli Vanilli was an R&B/Pop duo from Germany that came into the mainstream world and took it by storm. One day they were nobodies and the next day their songs and likeness’ were all over the media. They had hit after hit and sounded perfect each time they performed live. They won countless MTV VMA awards and the coveted Grammy for Best New Artist. Their songs “Girl You Know It’s True” and “Blame It On The Rain” were hits on the radio. Everything seemed to be going great for these 2 guys from Germany. Until it wasn’t.

During a performance of “Girl, You Know Its True” at an MTV event, something went wrong. Their backtrack got stuck. The 2 singers froze on stage until eventually, one ran off. This incident kicked off a slew of questions. Were they lipsyncing, who were they really, had they been lying this whole time? The publicity got so intense¬†until one November day, they admitted the truth. They not only lipsynced to their songs but they didn’t even sing them. A whole other band was behind the scenes writing and recording the vocals. The 2 friends were merely¬†the face for the band. This set off a firestorm of angry fans and critics alike.

Milli Vanilli was forced to give back the majority of their awards including their Best New Artist Grammy. In a matter of days, their story fell apart. All that happened 30 years ago.

It’s crazy to think that back then, lipsyncing would have cost you your career and today it seems as if all the artists’ lipsync. Oh, how times have changed.


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