Let your kids watch Andi Mack

A children’s television show making waves across social media is not something you normally hear of. Disney Channels Andy Mack is doing just that. What is the reason you may ask? Well, because Andi Mack is the first show to prominently show a Gay main character and storyline.

This is so important to show on television in 2019. Children need to see people of different colours, shapes, sexualities and religions on children’s television in a positive light. It’s time.

For myself, growing up around ages 8-13, all I watched were shows on Disney Channel/Family and Nickelodeon. By that age, I was beginning to understand more and more about the world around me. What I’m saying is that children’s television gives kids new and different views of thinking in a way that they understand it. I learned about body issues, racism, discrimination and even divorce. It made me aware of these issues.

That is why today in 2019 I believe a show that showcases a Gay preteen in normal light is amazing. I would have really appreciated seeing that when I was watching these channels at a young age.

I understand people being uneasy with certain subjects but at the end of the day. television is supposed to represent the real world. The real world has people from all walks of life and they should all be represented.

We need to start teaching this new generation at a young age that being different is okay and valid. Don’t shelter your child from reality but instead have real age-appropriate conversations after watching shows like Andi Mack with new topics. It’s important.

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